Va.Lu.Va. S.r.l. Alta qualità dei prodotti e affidabilità dei servizi.
anniversario valuva 40 anni

The VA.Lu.Va Frutta S.r.l. Started in 1979 from the union of three brothers, Vando, Luigi, Valerio (this was where the name was born from), after having realized and shared their mother's passion, who had a fruit and vegetable shop in a small Veronese town.

In that year, the three brothers decided to rent a stall in Verona's fruit and vegetable market. During those years, they bought a warehouse close to the market in order to be in charge of the good's processing and to make the transaction from the producers simpler and more effective.

Throughout the years they specialized themselves in the processing and commerce of fruit (pears, apples, cherries, figs...) for which their quality and excellent processing is still recognized.

In 2003, Va.Lu.Va. Frutta transferred, along with the whole fruit and vegetable market in the new AgroAlimentare Centre of Verona. A year later, thanks to the gradual development of the company, the Va.Lu.Va Frutta bought a warehouse a few kilometres from the AgroAlimentare Centre. This warehouse was of far greater dimensions to faciliate the management of the fruit's processing and conservation.

With a lot of good will but without giving up the quality which has distinguished us for many years, we carry on with passion and desire to improve continually.

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